We are specialised in purchasing debts and debt collection. We help our customers to manage their receivables. We offer security, and support in avoiding trouble posed by payment backlogs.


We operate ethically, taking care of the interests and name of our partners and respecting the dignity of clients. We conduct our business based on law, industry standards and principles of social coexistence. Our growth is based on innovation, professionalism and credibility.

Operating scope

Company Headquarters is located in Gliwice, Poland where the contact centre and technological-administrative facilities are. Field activities are therefore coordinated form there. Cooperation with field collectors allows conducting debt collection activities across Poland.

Our principles:

  1. Promptnes – our procedures are simple, and we take decisions quickly.
  2. Flexibility – we aim to adjust our offer to the expectations of our customers.
  3. Reliability – tasks entrusted to us we perform reliably and with respect for the law.
  4. Cooperation – we achieve synergy through an organised teamwork.
  5. Fair play – cooperating with us, you can be sure that you get the real value.

Number of customers of Windykacja Polska is increasing with the development of debt collection market in Poland. That is why we advise – do not wait, and join us!