Our preventive services are the best alternative to creating debt collection department in the company. Often the mere presence of a third party – debt collector – in relations between the partners, increases the payment discipline.

Payments monitoring

Monitoring of receivables is a way of carrying for your money. We help providing financial liquidity and do not allow for any delays. Besides, during this process a thorough diagnosis of the causes of the delay has been performing. Main activities undertaken within this service:

  • phone contact
  • sending sms
  • directing requests for payment / dunning letters (e-mail reminders / letters)

Our effectiveness amounts to 97%.

Business intelligence

You should learn as much as possible about your new contractor before you start any cooperation. This is the definite way to protect the company against being bound to unreliable and dishonest partner, and thus against financial loss and bankruptcy.

All the services provided within the framework of business intelligence are always tailored to your needs.

How to use it?

How to use it?

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