Often the decision to undertake debt collection activities is dictated by large arrears and delays in the payments of business partners and limited possibilities to enforce those claims.

By assigning files to Windykacja Polska sp. z o.o. you can be certain of high effectiveness of our actions. We are able to assess the prospects for recovery of the debt, effectively secure the claim and finally enforce it.

Often the first contact with the debtor results in repayment of the liability and increases payment discipline. The collection process is conducted through phone calls, emails, dunning letters or SMS. Professional negotiators motivate your customers to pay outstanding debts including interest and other costs. If necessary, we also take more categorical steps to recover your receivables. We provide for the inclusion of data in the records of unreliable customers in Economic Information Bureau and paying a visit at debtor’s place. We provide a network of field agents across Poland.

International Debt collection is undoubtedly more complicated issue. You shall take into account legal provisions that differ among countries, especially outside the EU. However, in this field we have been very successful too; as for instance while enforcing two years old debt towards Belarusian company. After just 20 days from receipt our collectors have obtained a written settlement and first payment.

Court collection within Windykacja Polska is performed by highly qualified specialists of the eMediator Legal Law Office.

How to use it?

How to use it?

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